roey hayon

About Roey Hayon

Since he was born in 1982, Roey Hayon has tried to be the best at everything he does. At the same time as his high school diploma in Blich in Ramat Gan, he played professional basketball and led the Maccabi Ramat Gan youth group to impressive achievements.

When he graduated, Roey Hayon enlisted in the IDF and found his fulfillment at the Central Trinity Headquarters.

Roey Hayon started the business world as an investor in the capital market. A series of smart, well-timed decisions helped him build initial capital and a foothold in the financial world. After accumulating the initial capital that allowed him to continue to develop, Hayon decided to take a different course in the financial world, and began acquiring financial companies dealing in derivatives and capital market differentials.

During this period, Roey Hayon chose to copy his business center to Europe in general and Cyprus in general, where the derivatives and differential market is much more developed and professional than in Israel. The companies that  Hayon bought, along with the rest of his business, are accompanied by neat licenses and meet the stringent regulatory conditions of the Cypriot capital market and the European Union.

With his rich experience in the world of finance around the world, Roey Hayon also began to enter the real estate investment world – in Israel and other countries. At the same time, he has invested heavily in real estate development in Limassol, Cyprus and London, England.

Since his days as a basketball player, Roey Hayon has not frozen his guard and is always looking for how to promote his business. He has received numerous inquiries from senior businessmen in the Israeli economy and in various economies around the world, and among his recent investments can also be found start-ups, business ventures, and various businesses.

During his extensive business operations, Roey Hayon was assisted by many recognized professionals, including Israel’s largest law firm, “Herzog Fox Neeman,” and one of the world’s largest accounting firms, “Ernst & Young”.