Roey Hayon: “Gold has Returned to Be a Great Investment”

Gold prices are expected to rise even more, due to lower interest rates around the world. Roey Hayon, an investment expert, recommends putting at least 10% of your portfolio in gold.

As the global economy changes many are starting to look for new lucrative investment paths. One of these paths – leads to gold. 

As gold prices keep getting closer and closer to their record prices – and are is traded at 1520$ an ounce, even governments are starting to invest in it. The Chinese government, for example, has purchased 100 tons of gold to add to its reserves.

According to experts, like investment expert Roey Hayon, gold prices are expected to rise even more: “Gold is one of the best investments available right now”, said Hayon. “Because of the amazing rise in cash flow due to lower interest rates, you can’t go wrong with gold.”

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